Algueñense agriculture is based on the cultivation -in rain-fed lands- of the vine -mainly- almonds and olives, characterized by the predominance of small-scale farming and “part-time agriculture”. It is worth mentioning the elaboration and aging of excellent wines in the Bodega Cooperativa de Algueña. This groups the farmers of the municipality and other bordering, and is considered one of the most important in the province. His wines are very demanded for the realization of mixtures with the famous technique of “coupage”, to give color, graduation, and in definite quality, to other wines. They are sold “in bulk” and bottled: Torreviñas red double pasta, Torreviñas pink “Lágrima”, white Torreviñas, red aging “Casa Jiménez”, Fondonet (Monastrell Dulce) and the precious Fondillón. Wines with Denomination of Origin.



Bodega Cooperativa de Algueña

Ctra. Del Rodriguillo, s/n
Tfn.: 965476113

Excelentes vinos comercializados a granel y embotellados como Torreviñas tinto doble pasta, Torreviñas rosado “Lágrima”, Torreviñas blanco, tinto crianza “Casa Jiménez”, Fondonet (Monastrell Dulce) y el preciado Fondillón. Vinos con Denominación de Origen.

Rural tourism

Rural tourism, emerging activity in Algueña, with offers of accommodation, hiking and cycling routes, natural sites suitable for the practice of other activities in the natural environment, etc.


Hiking and bicycle touring

Ruta al Barranco del Aire

Ruta al Algayat

Ruta La Solana (Cicloturismo)

Ruta Las Ramblas (Cicloturismo)



The NATURAL STONE INDUSTRY (transforming factories, processing workshops, stone products recycling companies, auxiliary industries, etc.) is the local economic engine, favored by the location of Algueña in the marble corridor, in the heart of “CORAZÓN DEL MARBLE.