Greets the mayor


Welcome to the portal of this corner that Algueña has in cyberspace. The new technologies have made it possible for the Algueña City Council website to become a digital platform for citizen interaction. Current news of our municipality coexist with information of interest for algueñenses and visitors.

We have carried out various actions in our municipality in order to provide citizens with free access to new technologies. The Library and the Casal de la Juventud offer computers with access to the management of the same and the use of the Internet. It should also be noted that Algueña is one of the few towns in the region that currently has a Wi-Fi zone in Plaza de la Concordia, to which all users can connect with their own computers to enjoy access Free internet.

The website of the Town Hall of Algueña is a dynamic space and constantly updated, especially in those sections referred to the current situation of our municipality. Being aware of everything that happens in our town is within reach of a single click. On the other hand, perhaps one of the most relevant questions when it comes to projecting tourism to our municipality around the world, is based on the fact that our website, in addition to Spanish and Valencian, also in English.

In the Town Hall of Algueña we hope for the best for our neighbors and we are aware that a prosperous municipality is a municipality that always looks forward, that adapts to the circumstances and surpasses the challenges and changes that the society imposes knowing always to preserve that which Distinguishes us. That is why this institutional website is made up of the people of Algueñans, our people, our associations, our shops, our spaces and places of interest. Our things.

Mª Carmen Jover