Wine tourism. Algueña and the wine route

Algueñense agriculture is mainly based on the cultivation of vineyards, almonds and olive trees on dry land, characterized by the predominance of small-scale farming and “part-time agriculture”.
The Ruta del vino de Alicante wants to be an alternative and differentiating wine tourism proposal in the province. The objective of the Ruta del Vino is to boost the regions of Alicante’s interior with a great viticultural tradition, as well as to promote the tourism of the interior and the set of monuments and tourist resources that treasure these municipalities that also have a typical gastronomy that offers own native dishes and products. Wine represents in our culture and in our provincial tradition a great seal of identity and an economic element of singular importance, differentiating from other communities.
Algueña, is part of this Wine Route, with it is intended to offer wine tourists great wine wealth through accommodation between vineyards, visits to wineries and tasting of wines with identity of the territory, in addition to trying traditional menus and avant-garde pairings .

Algueña Winery

It is worth mentioning the elaboration and aging of excellent wines in the Bodega Cooperativa de Algueña. This groups the farmers of the municipality and other bordering, and is considered one of the most important in the province. His wines are very demanded for the realization of mixtures with the famous technique of “coupage”, to give color, graduation, and in definite quality, to other wines. They are sold “in bulk” and bottled: Torreviñas red double pasta, Torreviñas pink “Lágrima”, white Torreviñas, red aging “Casa Jiménez”, Fondonet (Monastrell Dulce) and the precious Fondillón. Wines with Denomination of Origin.

• Cooperativa de Algueña Winery
Ctra. Del Rodriguillo, s / n
Tfn .: 965476113