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Route to the «Barranco del Aire»

Route to the «Barranco del Aire»

Start Point: Juan Carlos I Square. Arrival Point: Juan Carlos I Square. Approximate Elevation: From 520 m. At 674 m. Estimated time: 1 h. 45m. Length: 4.508 m. Estimated Average Speed: 3 km / h. Approx. Difficulty: Medium Ground: Roads and trails.

Map of the route

 Ruta Barranco del Aire


From the place of departure and through the streets of the urban center, we will go to the mountain known as «Alto del Tomillo». Once on the «Camino de Tierra Blanca», we will continue until we find the «Rita Barranco», from where we ascend to the «Barranco del Aire». The route will follow, once on the «White Earth» road, by stony, but passable terrain. This area is interesting because of the large number of caves in it. It is worth mentioning the panoramic views that, from the top, can delight us.