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Route of «Las Ramblas» (Cycling)

Route of «Las Ramblas»

Starting Point: Juan Carlos I Square. Arrival Point: Plaza de Juan Carlos I. Approximate Elevation: From 520 m. At 578 m. Estimated Time: 1 h. 15 min. Length: 12,250 m. Estimated Average Speed: 18 km / h. Difficulty: Medium Terrain: Roads roads, sections of ramblas and asphalted roads.

Map of the route

Ruta Las Ramblas


We leave from the indicated place in the direction of the «houses of Albert», then, to cross a branch of the «Cañada Real de los Serranos», bordering «Cerro de la Mota» and crossing the «Barranco de las Hoyas», to Continue to the Casas de Cazorla; Where we can see the sites of Hondo and Cañaret; Then we head to the «Casa de Vitia», emblematic building of the area for its condition of «rural mansion». The final section, runs along a rambla until you reach «Camino de Tierra Blanca», from which and descending, we will arrive at the place of departure. This route offers the possibility to contemplate both the points of the area and the urban nucleus of various angles, with a high visual appeal.